VM 6000 Pneuma
Higher capacity, yet lower operating costs. Our 6-m-wide model is suited to tractors with at least 200 hp, transport width only 3 metres. The drill is very well suited to contracting.

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In stubble or tilled soil Automation and metering Versatile hydraulics Powerful outfit Narrow transport width
Suuri rengaskoko Vakiovannas Tarkkuusvannas Helppokäyttöinen Vahva rakenne

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VM 6000 DS Pneuma - technical details

Work width mm 6000
Transport width mm 3000
Filling height mm 3000
Weight kg 9300
Hopper volume l 8000
Coulter weight kg 50-200
Tyres 500/50R-17"
Coulters 40
Row spacing mm 150
Work speed km/h 8-12
Horsepower requirement 200
Automatics RDS-Artemis
Tramline function standard
Level guards standard
Centre-line markers standard
Remote control: fertilizer standard
Blocking guards for pipes optional
Precision coulters standard
Coulter pins: inside
Coulter pins: outside