The leader in Direct Seeding

VM brand has a history of over 30 years, which begins in manufacturing track planers and blades in the early 1980s. In the 1990s VM began to produce tillage machines. Today, the VM brand is best known for Real Direct Seeding machines, that came to the Finnish market as first direct drilling machines in 1999.

The term Real Direct Seeding was adopted to distinguish the VM Real Direct Seeding Drill from previous models of direct seeding drills intended for minimally tilled soils. The success of the method has also tempted foreign manufacturers of direct seeding drills into this market, but the VM Real Direct Seeding Drill, developed for Finnish conditions, has proved to be the most reliable in operation. VM Real Direct Seeding Drills are also suitable for seeding cultivated soil - thanks to their adjustable coulters.


VM is the clear market leader in Finland in direct seeding and VM drills have been sold to 15 different countries over 1600 pieces.


VM trademark is owned by Dometal Oy, a company, that is operating in Loimaa. Dometal Oy is manufacturing and selling agricultural machinery also under the Multiva brand. Approximately one-half of the sales come from export, with Scandinavia and Hungary being the most important export regions.