Seeding properties

Classic coulters

  • Ample reserves for coulter movements
  • Stones do not break the coulters
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the coulter pressure
  • Coulter structure which does not get clogged
VM-Aitosuorakylvö - vakiovantaat

Precision coulters

  • Accurate seeding depth. The seeding depth is adjusted by means of the side-wheel and the furrow is closed by means of the spring-loaded covering wheel
  • Improved cutting capacity of straw, thanks to the front side-wheel
VM-Aitosuorakylvö - tarkkuusvantaat


  • Large low-pressure tyres
  • Low ground pressure on the soil surface
  • The tyres press the stones and stubs in to the soil and level the field
  • Low tractive force requirement


VM-Aitosuorakylvö - renkaat

Support wheels

  • The coulter support wheel adjusts the sowing depth and closes the furrow
  • The coulter and the harrows minimum tills the soil surface, thus covering the sludge andcrop residues
VM-Aitosuorakylvö - tukipyörästö

Front harrow

  • The patented front harrow levels off the straw heaps
  • It removes the straws from the seeding row
VM-Aitosuorakylvö - etuhara

Easy to operate

  • Low filling height
  • Explicit and easy-to-operate adjustment controls
  • Good operating instructions and operator training ensure the success
VM-Aitosuorakylvö - helppokäyttöinen

Coulter discs

  • The double coulter discs keep always sharp
  • Coulters cut straws very effectively


VM-Aitosuorakylvö - vannaskiekot

Front packer

  • The front packer prepares an even seed-bed between the tractor wheels
  • It increases the stability of the machine
  • Large-size tyres
VM-Aitosuorakylvö - pyöränvälijyrä

VM 6000 DS - precision seeding under all conditions