Experience gained

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Ari Koutonen from Vieskan Metalli, Dr. Donald C. Reicosky from the University of Minnesota, USA, and the Finnish Real Direct Seeding Drill.

Dr. Friedrich Tebrügge from Justus-Liebig University, Germany, Farmer Gerhard Wagner and Managing Director Ari Koutonen examining the German study into direct seeding.

Dr. Donald C. Reicosky from the University of Minnesota, USA, visiting the stand of Vieskan Metalli at the Farma exhibition in 2004 (in the centre of the picture, Export Manager Mr. Bjarne Wretdal, and to the right, Managing Director Mr. Ari Koutonen).

The Chairman of the Finnish CA Association Mr. Esa Eela gives the floor to Dr. Friedrich Tebrügge. Mr. Tebrügge has led the Direct Seeding study at the Justus Liebig University in Germany which has lasted for over 20 years. He was presenting the results of the study at the Farma exhibition in 2000, which was hosted by Vieskan Metalli.

The spade test reveals that soil which has been under direct seeding for a long time is solid and has good load-bearing capacity, but is laterally soft and crumbles easily.

Soil under direct seeding contains plenty of medium-sized pores which retain water and nutrients in abundance. In soils where direct seeding has been applied for a long time, the water infiltrates deeper into the soil and during dry summers the plants have more water at their disposal.